The Harrisburg Water  and Gas Utility provides water, sewer and natural gas and garbage service to the Harrisburg, AR area and natural gas service to the communities of Grubbs, Waldenburg, Central and Whitehall. The Utility is owned by the City of Harrisburg.
Jimmy Chatman, Manager
Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
Closed for lunch
12:00 until 12:30

After Hours Serviceman
Secondary Servicemen
870-578-7087 or 578-7656

Application for New Service

Applications for new service are accepted at our office  during regular office hours. A deposit, photo ID and a social security number is required with all applications.

Residential Commerical
Water Deposit - $75.00 Water  Deposit - $150.00*
Natural Gas Deposit - $100.00 Natural Gas Deposit - $200.00*

*May vary based  on estimated consumption

Natural Gas Appliance Incentive Program

Switch from electricity or propane to natural gas and save with rebates.

The following rebates will be offered.
• $400 Furnace
• $125-$250 Water Heaters
• $150 Range / Gas oven
• and MORE
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Thank You!!​
We Appreciate our Citizens

Tax will be used to drill another water well, refurbish the waste water filter and purchase another generator at the wastewater plant.
Arkansas One Call
is the state-wide
call before you dig center.

If you need to dig, drill or do any type
of excavation, call 48 hours prior
  • Call Harrisburg Water & Gas at     870-578-5461
  • Go outside or call us from a neighbors house.
  • Do NOT turn any electrical switches on or off .
  • Do NOT light any matches, smoke cigarettes or create any source of combustion.

Pay Your Utility Bill

  • At our office at 201 N. Main St.
  • Postal mail
  • Automatic draft
  • Payclicks
  • Dropbox
Insufficient Funds Fee: $30.00

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